Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Some Wednesday Writing Advice from Shannon Messenger

Hello! I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday. How is NaNoWriMo treating you? It's hard to believe that there's a week left of November! As you race to make up the days you slacked on writing (me) or relax because you've already hit 50K (so not me), here's some wonderful writing advice from Shannon Messenger. It's a great quote to take beyond NaNoWriMo, especially when you feel like you are a little burned out.

"Writers need to read read read and write write write. It takes practice, just like anything else. So the more you expose yourself to words on the page, and push yourself to write your own words, the better you'll get with time. It's not a process you can necessarily rush--and it takes a lot of hard work and patience. But if you keep going, keep improving, and don't let anything discourage you into giving up, you will be a published author someday."

One of the ways that helps me get out of a plateau IS reading, so this quote makes a lot of sense to me! If you are feeling a little burned out, consider taking a break to read a book. Have you tried that? Does it help you when the words aren't flowing?

Good luck with the last week of writing! 

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