Monday, May 30, 2016

My Month in Writing

As some of you may know from past May posts, I started this month off struggling to write. You've been such a wonderful audience as I stumble my way through the writing issues that have been plaguing me. I wanted to share what I was able to accomplish this month because your support has helped me drag myself out of the rut.

Anyway, here's the list of the things I've done (with my commentary):

  • Worked on the short stories that I mentioned earlier this month
I was happy to keep moving forward on my short stories, even if I didn't do as much editing/finishing as I wanted to.
  • Filled 65--that's right, 65--pages of a notebook with my atrocious penmanship. And this doesn't count the 13 from earlier this month!
I'm really proud of this one because those pages remind me of my commitment to writing. I'm a slow writer, and each page takes me about 10 minutes. 65 pages represents 650 minutes of my time, or roughly ten and a half hours! 
  • Wrote a poem
This one isn't as exciting. The poem wasn't very good, but it was the first poem I've written in a VERY long time. I was worried that it would end up as inedible word much, so I was thrilled when it proved to be mediocre (mediocre mush is edible, at the very least). 


That's it for today! I hope that June will prove to be more productive territory. Have a great day!

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