Monday, February 29, 2016

Something to Share

Hello! I was thinking of possibilities for posts, and I was determined that today's post would be something...different. It's the leap year after all, and we won't get to see February 29th again for another four years.

After some thought, I decided to do something I've never done before and put myself out there in a way I haven't.

I'm going to post a little bit of my writing for you to read. Just a 313-word scene I wrote for fun.

Okay, deep breath. Honestly, this is more than a *little* nerve-racking.

Here it is:

I jolted awake the moment the door creaked open. Alexia, who was sleeping on the bunk above me, didn’t move, but the slight hitch as she exhaled told me that I wasn’t the only one awake.

My fingers tightened around the hilt of the knife under my pillow, but I relaxed my grip when the intruder spoke.

“They found us,” Hayley announced, closing the door and bolting it. There was no point in saying anything more; we knew our enemies.

Alexia cursed and sprang down from the top bunk.  I was on my feet seconds later, the laces of my muddy boots already tied.

“How did they find us so quickly?” I muttered, shoving the knife under my pillow into its sheath at my waist as Hayley opened the faded curtains, letting the light from the rising sun illuminate the dusty attic.

Alexia loaded her twin pistols with practiced ease and positioned her ammunition belt so it crossed her chest like a pageant sash. “I thought that was the point of hiding in this old cabin,” she murmured back.

Hayley tossed us our haversacks
before shouldering hers.  Urgency laced her voice when she spoke: “Let’s move, ladies.” We could hear their boots pounding on the stairs as they drew closer.

“Should we block the door with the bunk bed?” I asked.

Hayley considered my idea for a beat before responding. “It’s too heavy for two to move.” That was standard procedure: one person on alert, ready to protect the others.

Something heavy hit the door, and it shuddered in response.

“Now what?” I asked, my heart in my mouth
as I drew my sword.

“As I see it, we only have one option,” Hayley said, the silver ring on her index finger glinting as she loaded her crossbow.  Pointing the crossbow towards the groaning door, Hayley jerked her chin towards the window. “Jump.”
I hope you liked it! I ask that you keep your comments kind. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!


  1. This is so great!!!! My mom sent me this blog (via your mom). I remember you two were the only kids who never wanted to watch TV - we would read aloud together for hours (and hours and hours...) and you wouldn't get bored. A trip to the library was considered a grand adventure! It is so exciting seeing this grown-up version of the little book-head I used to know. :)

    The piece you wrote here is so alive and fun to read. I especially love how you visually describe the scene - every word you choose feels intentional and just right. I can't wait to see more of what you write!


    1. Thank you, Tarah! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. And don't worry-- I'm still a book-head through and through. :)


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