Monday, January 4, 2016

Goals for 2016

I guess I could call them resolutions, but I prefer the term "goal" for some reason. I find that sharing my goals with you (rather than just writing them down on a piece of paper and then losing the piece of paper) helps me work towards achieving them. And even if I'm not completely able to make my goals, at least I can compare what I was able to accomplish with what I thought I would be able to accomplish.

Am I making sense? ANYWAY-- I present...



First, I want to make forty or more posts over the course of 2016. That sounds doable for me, and I hope that it'll still give you new content every so often.

Second, I do a great job of vanishing without warning, so I'll try to put out warnings when I'm going to disappear for a week or two.

Third, I'm going to try to read more MG so I can do MMGM. I'm hoping to do one MMGM post a month. That will be difficult because the local library is lacking in that area, but I'm going to try to make it work!

Fourth, I want to do more posts about writing. I think I did exactly one in 2015, so I have lots of room for improvement in this area!

Lastly, I want to hear more from you. This is more of a wish than a resolution, but I want to receive feedback from you. I hope your suggestions will help The Reader's Perch improve.

What are your bookish or blogging goals for 2016? Feel free to share below! 

Oh, and if my writing style sounds odd, I'm going to blame the manga I'm reading right now. I can hear a character speaking in my head as I write this...

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