Monday, October 12, 2015

Regarding New Releases...

Hello! I hope everyone is having a fabulous week! I wanted to give you a brief update regarding what is going on in my life and how it is going to affect The Reader's Perch.

Somehow the must-read-as-soon-as-humanly-possible part of my TBR pile has jumped in size. Combine that with all the work I've been getting, and I'm just not able to stay on top of the new releases. Trust me when I tell you I want to be reading MAGNUS CHASE, CRENSHAW, SIX OF CROWS, and all those other amazing books that arrive every fall. My current schedule is eating up a lot of my reading time, so I may be a little slower than usual when it comes to new books.

Don't worry- I'm still going to be blogging as often as I can! But the books I talk about won't be the most recent releases. If there is a new release that you think I need to read NOW, send me a quick message using the handy form located to the right. Maybe I'll let it jump to the front of the list. :)

Oh, and as a side note: all of the books I mentioned by title are linked to Goodreads so you can check them out! Happy reading!

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