Thursday, July 30, 2015

Introduction to Writing Tips

I tend to pick up on a few things that are done well or things that bug me while reading. I figured that I would share a few of my discoveries with you.

Without further ado...

Maybe it was just a coincidence, but I picked up two recently-published YA books in a row that had Looney Tunes references. In my experience, Looney Tunes are no longer mainstream material for teenagers or children. Figurative language says a lot about a character's past experiences, interests, and setting. Using Looney Tunes in figurative language suggests that a character either lives in a different time period or has an interest in older television cartoons.

I'm not saying that one should never use references to outdated material. One just needs to pay attention to the tone that it sets and what it says about a character before deciding if it is the right thing for one's story.

If you do choose to use a Looney Tunes reference- or any outdated reference- make sure that it means something to your story.

Hopefully that helps! Keep writing!

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