Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The New Development

As I mentioned in my last post regarding my "library adventures", I discovered a few shelves of MG books I had not previously encountered. I now give you the next chapter in this story.

I suppose it started with a book I had put on hold. I was once again pleased by the library's speed regarding to holds, and I got a notice saying my book was ready to pick up less than 48 hours after I placed the hold. It was quite impressive. But a book on hold needs to get picked up, so to the library I went!

To be honest, the library branch nearby closes a little too early for my purposes. I would like to stop by after school, but it's usually closed by then. But I left a little early, and I was able to make it in fifteen minutes before closing.

After picking up my hold, I went through the shelves I had recently discovered. I was pleasantly surprised by the collection. I found a few shelves advertising "New Children's Fiction", which happened to be exactly what I was looking for.

After checking out the area, I ended up getting two books from the MG section to keep my hold company. On my way out, I was told by a volunteer that they have another MG area. However, it was closing time, and I was unable to look into it. That will just need to be the purpose of the next trip.

I have a few new MG books to read, and if they are good, I'll do posts on them. Until then, keep enjoying your fictional friends!

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