Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Quick Reviews: The Garden of My Imaan

So, I've decided to redo my whole quick reviews so it's more of a form that covers the information faster.  So, here goes nothing!

Title: The Garden of my Imaan

Author: Farhana Zia


Goodreads says: 
Aliya already struggles with trying to fit in, feeling confident enough to talk to the cute boy or stand up to mean kids. The fact that shes Muslim is just another thing to deal with. When Marwa, a Moroccan girl who shares her faith if not her culture, comes to Aliyas school, Aliya wonders even more about who she is, what she believes, and where she fits in. Should she fast for Ramadan? Should she wear the hijab? Shes old enough for both, but does she really want to call attention to herself?

Favorite character: Marwa

Favorite line: "I stared and I stared and she smiled back at me."

Quick review:
I enjoyed not only seeing into the world of someone who is Muslim, but also feeling her struggles as she works to become stronger and able to defend herself against the mean kids.  I felt that some things were left behind before they were done.  I feel that the ending, similar to COUNTING BY 7S, didn't wrap it all up so much as promise a better future. Enjoyable and a fun read!

Starred review: 3.5/5

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