Sunday, October 13, 2013

Middle Grade Monday: House of Hades

I promised. So I'm here!

Now, I'm sure you all know what book I'm doing this week from the title.  That's right, House of Hades. Before I begin, I want to let you know that the spoilers are limited to what you would find on the inside of the book jacket.  I know that I would hate to have House of Hades ruined for me... like it was! (You know who you are, calling me screaming that spoiler!)

Get ready for the awesome cover:

If you look closely you'll see this:
Has anyone else noticed how you have NEVER seen Percy's face on the covers before? It is always covered in a shadow or something! But that now you see part of it?

And he's in the Underworld... remember, don't look back? From Orpheus's myth?

I won't say anything else. Not until I put this up. (The Goodreads thing... and if you've been checking back, you'll know why).

So now I'll just start with my review:

I loved it. Like 12/10 loved it. If I was an English teacher and this was a creative writing assignment, that student's grade would have been 500% because of the extra credit I added to this assignment.

If I had to break it down, I would say 4 main things about this book:
  1. Lots of character development 
  2. Great foreshadowing
  3. Tons of EPICNESS + AWESOMENESS- so much that it will blow your mind
  4. Look out for characters from the other series coming back to haunt you. In the best way possible.
It does a great job continuing the series and taking care of that evil cliff hanger from the last book.  I admit, I felt kind of like this:

It is NOT easy to wait for these things, people. We all know that.

I admit, I thought that Mark of Athena was kind of flat compared to The Son of Neptune. It was good, but it just felt a little watered down. House of Hades was a punch to the stomach compared to that.  There was never a dull moment and stuff was just so crazy awesome. There was no Nico chapter (I love Nico- he's my favorite) like I know many people have been wishing for, but there were chapters by all of the seven.

I know that some of characters didn't have a lot going on in the first few chapters- like, say Piper. But they kind of got their glory when their chapters rolled around and they got to save the person they were with/the people they were with/the whole team.

Rick didn't disappoint- it was VERY funny.  He has a great writing voice and you just have to love it when he mentions one of them "chaperoning their chaperon". We all know Coach Hedge is a little bonkers and trigger-crazy.

I know that something in this will be VERY controversial.  You can easily find it all over the web if you look on Goodreads or other blogs.  And if you REALLY want to know, see page 292.

In short: read this. It is amazing.

But read Percy Jackson and the first three before that way you'll get it all. And maybe by then one of the 400 copies at the library will no longer be taken.  Or at least the hold number will be below the 1117 it is right now at my library...

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Thanks for reading this! Keep checking back for updates and something great coming up!


  1. Love reading that. As much MG fic as I read, my kids can't believe that I've never read Percy Jackson. I know -- shame, right?? But my son (9 1/2) went through the whole first series in a flash this summer and fall. He's on to Warriors now, but will go back to Heroes when he's done, I think.


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