Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It Arrived!

So guess what I found when I came home?

My copy of Keeper of the Lost Cities 2: Exile!  And to prove it to you, I give you:

Isn't it pretty? I love the cover.  And I'm glad it's finally here.  I've been so distracted lately wondering WHEN they were FINALLY going to show up.  My day went kind of like this:

Disclaimer: If you ever hear about Birdie Reader in art class, it will be for crimes against art.  I am AWFUL.  

In case you can't tell (and I know it is hard because of the lighting)(And yes, that IS the lighting), but that's Iggy. I saw this and tried to base mine off of it. Because Iggy turns pink in there, I know that much...

Hopefully I'll be fine until the rest of those books I ordered arrive. (Hello, anyone there? Amazon!!!)

I have something awesome planned for you guys, so keep checking back. And there is only one entry for The Golden Compass, so get in on that! :)

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