Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halloween Question

Okay. I have a very important question for you guys.

What should I do for Halloween?

Usually I go as one of my favorite book characters (last year I was Sophie from Keeper of of the Lost Cities).  But my favorites are usually not very well known so I get a lot of odd looks and people asking what I am. And, of course, you tell them who you are and they give you a puzzled look. Most back away slowly with an "okkkaaaaayyyy". But the braver, awesome ones ask what that is from. (Then there are the EPIC ones I LOVE who high-five you and say something around the lines of "Dude, that is so AWESOME! You are so COOL!! I wish I thought to do that!")

That's why I carry around a copy of that book.

So I could do the same thing this year.  Or I could do something different.

My other choices:

The easiest, although the most boring choice, is to not dress up at all.

I could go as a mix-match. You know, pair my Elgen Academy backpack with some white gloves and an awesome INSANE or Maxfield Academy t-shirt. Do the rustov thing above my eye and wear am Omega necklace.  Maybe carry around some chalk... (extra points if you can name all the references without using a search engine!)

That could be fun... (Plus it would be awesome to wear that backpack all night).

Or I could go as a famous book character and wear Hogwarts robes or a Camp Half-Blood t-shirt.

The other choice I have is to drop by the closest Halloween store and buy the first thing I see that looks marginally cool.

So, what do you guys think I should do?


  1. I would continue to dress up as your favorite character and carry the book around. But this year, I would carry a stack of small cards pointing to your wonderful blog and hand them out. You might just encourage some people to read who may not have found the wonder in it yet! And don't forget to have fun!!

  2. I think you should dress up and go as a favorite character! So long as that is fun for you, keep doing it!


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